Maintenance method of iron cake display stand

Cake display stand

cake display stand

The cake display stand is a platform for displaying goods made of various materials. There are many kinds of materials used in this platform, such as iron display stand, metal display stand, titanium alloy display stand, etc. , metal display stands are particularly popular. Display frame manufacturers in the manufacture of metal display, choose strong metal material as display frame material, such display frame quality is good, more solid, not easy to damage, long service life.

Iron cake display frame to choose rust, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, anti-exposure.

Cake display stand
Cake display stand

Dust removal

Should be cleaned regularly, usually with soft cotton fabric wipe for good. To avoid bumps in the transport process should be handled carefully, should not be frequent changes, to prevent the floor of the exhibition frame should be kept flat, so that the four legs of the exhibition frame stable.

Clean dust removal

Choose cotton knitwear for dishcloth, wipe the surface of the exhibition frame.

Away from the Sun

Iron exhibition stand a long time exposure to the sun, will make paint color change, paint layer dry peeling, metal oxidation metamorphism, in strong sunlight to a display stand, curtain or shutter can be used to block.

Insulated from moisture

indoor humidity, should be maintained in the normal value, display frame should be away from the humidifier, moisture will make metal rust, chromium-plated film, and so on, when the display frame big clean, avoid washing the display frame with boiling water, wipe with a damp cloth, but do not rinse with running water.

Eliminate rust

display frame rust, the correct is to use cotton dip in oil in the embroidery, and then wipe with cloth can eliminate rust.

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